In the world of business, the cloud phone system could be the new black. Every distributed system requires upgrading in order to leverage the latest technology sooner or later in time. It is not any secret that a well-planned migration with a more modern version regarding communication framework can increase business operations significantly by providing a flexible production program.

The following are a number of the advantages of upgrading coming from legacy phone system:

Superior Features

Good customer service and also automatic upgrades are a number of the main reasons of making use of hosted PBX. What this means to get a business is they can carry out regular updates and never having to stop their day-to-day functions. Hosted PBX service provides also offer 24 / 7, customer support to offer their customers with whatever they should know. Additionally, a Cloud phone system offers most of these services and more regarding no additional cost.

Users also access services such as, contact waiting, holding, forwarding and also voice mail, along with other more complex options like, voice email to email transfers, following and reporting of telephone calls, dialing by name directories plus more, which are all beneficial services for businesses to own.

Advantage of Being Off-Premise

Decreasing reason why a fog up phone system is preferred for the legacy system is because the thing that truly exists on-site could be the phone that are used, while all other connected infrastructure is housed with another location. This can be an advantage in itself as it makes it easier for office staff to master. A business does not want to worry about training their employees to utilize the advanced technology. The thing that office staff should find out is how to make and receive calls and do other basic operations. But if that is not your style, there are many hosted PBX companies who offer training at the same time.


While the installation and operation of your legacy phone system will mean that a company must incur some significant money costs, off-premise hosted PBX methods are considered cheaper in terms of its installation, with operational costs which can be also more predictable when compared to a legacy phone system. The best part of experiencing a cloud based method is that users arrive at pay a fixed monthly charge without having to deal with any hidden costs. Together with lower rates and superior services, a hosted PBX method removes the guess work in terms of budgeting a company’s expenditures.


Hosted PBX systems are specially built to include maintenance, which ensures that when a legacy phone system reduces, it leads to a huge headache for a business. That’s not the case when working with a hosted system, which will contains multiple points regarding redundancy, meaning in a situation of your breakdown there are backup technologies set up to ensure a streamlined service constantly. This gives a company owner one less thing to bother about in order to focus their attention on their business.

Ending Note

Today’s highly competitive enterprise environment requires companies to turn to automated solutions so that you can increase productivity and earnings. Replacing an outdated and also obsolete phone system using a new hosted PBX means you will get a tighter control about existing business processes.