Some people dread the thinking behind a delayed flight, but you do not feel that way in case you were delayed in Gatwick Air port. Gatwick airport is London’s second largest airport terminal. You are assured involving world-class service but there are many of circumstances which can send you to stay longer in your airport. If you will be spending some more hours in Gatwick air port, you shouldn’t get bored as there are many of places to pay a visit to nearby.


If you happen to be an architecture buff, you probably know this about the many architectural designs that one could view with less when compared with an hour’s trip through the airport. You can please take a one hour ride throughout and express train to Victoria station and enjoy amazing architectural sites which include old buildings, museums, and modern structures much like the London tower. A cab ride faraway from the airport is Brighton where there are many of old but well-preserved houses to behold.

British Outlets

Britain also has various shops to offer. Types of classic shops in a corner alleys of the cash city which stood generally there since post-war times. You can dig in to an array of the local flavors plus much more. There are also tons of shops to venture to in Brighton. You can go to North Laine to try out the numerous shops that might be that reflects the richness involving English culture.

British Unique Attractions

The third type of attraction that one could visit near Gatwick can be London’s novelty tourist locations. We all know regarding the old buildings and structures and not many know about the novelty sights in London. Some in the places you should see include the London Eye and your Madame Tussauds.

A good place that you can hang out when you’ll not be staying long inside place is at your West Sussex’s local watering holes. There are a wide range of choices along the area of Horley. You will surely have a good old Uk fill, grab some beer and get a feel in the English culture in some hours then get back with a taxi to Gatwick air port.

It takes less than an hour to get to these destinations. you can use loads of other internet sites, activities and destinations near Gatwick airport that one could enjoy if you get time. It’s all on you if you need to sulk in the airport or have a very little fun looking all-around. With this, staying a lttle bit longer in the Gatwick airport isn’t longer something dreadful along with annoying.